Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For those at my TS2 Keynote, below are the 10 projects for integrating social media and face-to-face marketing:

  1. Read Clara Shih’s The Facebook Era or the free ENGAGEMENTdb report
  2. Set-up a Twitter account, use and promote a hashtag, get to 100 followers
  3. Post status updates to your personal facebook account every day for two weeks or create a page for your event on facebook and get 200 fans through regular outreach
  4. Join an industry-related online community or electronic mailing list and post a question or comment
  5. Create and moderate an industry specific electronic mailing list where members can post questions, jobs, news items, comments. Try Yahoo Groups or Google Groups
  6. Start an industry-specific blog with news, comments and other info. Try WordPress.
  7. Build a private year-round community to for the folks who attend your conference or event. For something simple, try Ning. For a more sophisticated community, try a consultancy.
  8. Use Twitter to start a breaking news feed for your industry.
  9. Program or partner to develop an app for facebook, Force.com, iPhone, OpenSocial.
  10. Develop a multi-channel approach including services like social networks, blogs, wikis, apps, YouTube and a private branded online community to superserve your audience.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tavis Smiley and I discuss the evolution of smartphones and growing competition.